"If one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects"


A dwarven monk, Gherren Tradestone was born on June 22, year -13 in the city of Ironforge. At the age of 15 his mother and father took him on a trade caravan whe the caravan was ambushed by bandits. His mother hid him while the others, including herself, were massacred. Just as the bandits came to his hiding spot a wandering monk stumbled onto the caravan and chased the bandits off saving the boy. The man took Gherren back to his temple to allow him to recover until the young Dwarf had recovered enough and approached the monk elders. He begged them to teach him their techniques so that he could avenge his mother and father. The monks agreed to train him and over the next several years taught him their ways. At the age of 20 he read a book entitled “Toska” which would change his life and its meaning forever. It was written by a former monk who had achieved something incredible, he had gained the ability to see the “threads of existence”. After reading the book he realized that even if he achieved his revenge it would never bring him peace and decided to embrace the monk orders which the others had been trying to impart upon him for the last several years. He took up the name “Toska” of the book that had changed his life and continued training both physically and spiritually. At the age of 40 he ventured forth from his temple to explore the world and learn everything he can.

Toska is a skilled archer but attempts to find non-violent solutions to problems.

Toska wishes to learn more about the world and its inhabitants, and help any that he might be able to. He dreams of one day being able to see the Threads of Existence.


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